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We hope the many users of this web site will be glad to know that two of our authors have written a book, including forty of their tours.

Convenient to carry in the backpack, nice to place and exhibit in the home library, also a great idea for a gift; a must for those who prefer to read our itineraries on a tangible support.

It can be purchased in bookstores, newsstands and other retail outlets, but also ordered via web, directly from the publisher's site Edizioni 31.

List of treks

1 - Monte Baone, Via del 92mo Congresso, alpinistic trail

2 - Muro dell'Asino, climbing wall

3 - Cima Tosa, Via Migotti, alpinistic trail

4 - Sentiero Torti (also called Sentiero dei Contrabbandieri), alpinistic trail

5 - Marmitte dei Giganti, climbing wall

6 - Cima Valdritta, Vajo di Valdritta, alpinistic trail

7 - Cimon della Pala, Via Normale, alpinistic route

8 - Cartoon Network and Sasso dei Matti, climbing walls

9 - Sasso Rotto, alpinistic trail "Fratelli Giuliani"

10 - Fennberg (Favogna), Ferrata of Favogna

11 - Chegul, equipped trail "Giordano Bertotti"

12 - Monte di Mezzocorona, Burrone Giovanelli, ferrata

13 - Monte Colodri, Ferrata of Colodri

14 - Bivacco Fiamme Gialle, Ferrata Bolver-Lugli

15 - Ferrata of Rio Secco

16 - Monte Casale, Ferrata Che Guevara

17 - Castello di Drena, Ferrata of Drena

18 - Refuge Re Alberto and Refuge Santner, hiking tour

19 - Cima Ghez, north-east ridge, alpinistic trail

20 - Cima Tuatti and Punta di Quaira, a ring across three valleys, hiking tour

21 - Cima della Vezzana, Normal route, hiking tour

22 - Tre Cime del Bondone, hiking tour

23 - Cima Marzola, hiking tour

24 - Monte Calisio, hiking tour

25 - From Passo Vezzena to Campolongo, MTB tour around the alms

26 - Refuge Casarota, hiking tour

27 - Lake Tovel, tour around the lake

28 - Masi Saracini, MTB tour

29 - Lake Erdemolo, hiking tour

30 - Refuge Sette Selle, hiking tour

31 - Monte Brione, scenic walk

32 - Refuge Bindesi, walk

33 - Refuge Sauch, walk

34 - Lake Lases, tour around the lake

35 - Refuge Oltradige, walk

36 - Cima Rocca, Great War ruins and ferrata

37 - Pietralba, winter trek

38 - Monte Maggio, winter trek

39 - Corno di Tres, winter trek

40 - Dos di Costalta, winter trek

In the pictures, beside the book authors, you can see, in order of appearance: Armando Speccher, Giovanni Zatelli, Flavio Bonfà, Andrea Dottori, Paolo Weiss, Stefania Visonà, Annalisa Andrich, Beatrice Barchiesi, Andrea Barchiesi, Daniele Bizzozero, Fulvio Bortolotti, Giampiero Girardi, "Emmetta", Angelo Spadaro.

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