And surrounding mountains

Mountains around Trento

Trento - Il Palon

Clockwise, the mountains that surround Trento, directly visible from the city, are:
Monte Calisio, 1096 m
Monte Celva, 998 m
The Chegul, 1311 m
The Marzola, 1738 m
The Vigolana group, with Becco di Filadonna, 2150 m
The Pal
ón (photo), 2098 m, and the Tre Cime del Bondone
The Soprasasso, 1012 m
The Paganella and 2125 m
There are many itineraries, proposed by trekking-etc, on the slopes of these mountains, or reaching their top: simple walks or trailsequipped paths, or challenging climbing. Numerous climbing walls are also offered
(however, the Paganella, its plateau and its ridge are treated in a separate topic).

The town


The city of Trento is located in Val d'Adige, 55 km south of Bolzano and 100 km north of Verona.
Trento has extreme diversity of territory and population. The population is not only inhabiting the city itself, but also many centers around it (suburbs), quite different from one another; they still retain their own identity, whether it is urban, peasant, rural or mountainous. The city core has 80,000 inhabitants (October 2004). The urban area with neighboring municipalities get to 150,000 inhabitants.
Trento keeps a very close relationship with the mountains, especially with the Monte Bondone, also called the Alps of Trento, which mostly belongs to the municipality and can be easily reached from the city center via the main road.

(source: wikipedia)

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