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The summit of Costabella is really suitable for skialp touring, with amazing views of Lake Garda... you can go up and down on the west side until your legs allow you, in the most absolute fun. The smooth slopes, and rapid transformation of snow due to the microclimate of the lake, make it a must for skialp lovers. It's an easy ride (MS = medium skier), and is also feasible with snowshoes.


You first reach Affi, and from there you reach San Zeno di Montagna, then follow the signs for Prada Alta, the place where our journey begins. You park at the base of a chairlift, now abandoned.



You follow the road

si prende la strada

that shortly after becomes a dirt road, until you come to a fork (your goal is already visible on the left)


If you hold the left, you go up along a dirt track; if you hold the right, you go up along the old ski slope

vecchia pista

in both cases you get to a clearing with an old house:

pianoro con casa

lago alle spalle

from which branches a gentle slope, that you overcome on its right edge. Then you go up a ramp (former ski slope) with a slope of around 25/30° (the only stretch a bit steep, but easy anyway), that leads to the lawns that lead to the Costabella ridge.

vecchia pista

si esce dal bosco

vecchi impianti

From there, without fixed course, you can choose to follow the line of the ski plants and then left (north) to reach the summit along the easy ridge, or cut on the left and head straight to the top, as we have done and reported in the track, and wander up and down.

la meta a sinistra

You can stop before the summit or, during ups and downs, at a little church just below the summit, generally sheltered from the wind...


or at the underlying mythical Refuge Fiori del Baldo (almost) always open even in winter, on sunny days.


You can enjoy wonderful views on Lake Garda, and a beautiful view from the summit:


dalla vetta

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