Lake Caldaro, tour round the lake from Saint Josef am See / San Giuseppe al Lago

Quiet and pleasant, but not short, walk around the lake. Particularly interesting the eastern side, which offers a beautiful view of the lake, and the southern side, which runs through a rich biotope, partly on wooden walkways.


Driving along the SP14, reach the large parking lot in the village of Saint Josef am See / San Giuseppe al Lago


Follow the signs for the lake tour, which lead you initially round the north side, then east on roads and trails:

On the eastern side, just a little off the main trail, there is a small terrace offering a good view of the lake:

Continuing until you reach the south side, you walk along sections of wooden walkways:

admiring picturesque corners of biotope:

An observation tower allows you to take a look at this side of the lake:

Then you reach and cross the SP14, on the west side of the lake, then cross it again, and walk until you get back to the starting point.

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