Monticolo, tour around the two lakes


This is an easy and relaxing walk around two beautiful lakes on top of a hill. The tour proposed here goes firt around the small lake, then the big one.

But choosing between the various paths that you can find around, you can walk a longer or shorter way, according to your own liking.

It 'a great place in spring and autumn, but also good to find a little cool in the summer. Both lakes are suitable for swimming.


Driving from St. Michael - Eppan / San Michele - Appiano, following the signs for Montiggl / Monticolo, you will soon reach the first parking lot, and continuing after a short descent, the second parking lot.

Both of them, during the summer, will cost you a fee. The first is larger but more distant from the lakes, the second is near the big lake, but it is often full.


Starting from the first parking lot, take the trail that goes almost flat in the woods in the direction of the small lake:


You ignore a crossroad that leads down to the big lake, and follow the signs for the small lake. You reach it and go around it, in a counterclockwise direction.

In this way, you will first go through the woods along the south bank, with lake trees, and reed beds:


You cross a little wooden bridge:


Then you continue following the lakeside path, with beautiful views of Mount Macaion and Mount Penegal:


You complete the ride, reaching and crossing again the bridge, then you take the path down to the big lake. You will reach it near a rocky terrace with a view:


Then you follow the lakeside path clockwise. The trail is wide and almost flat along the eastern shore:


This takes you to the southern part of the lake, where you cross a large and suggestive reed bed, on a wooden walkway:


You will then arrive on the western shore, at the second parking lot. A trail climbs gently, with a few turns, leading you back to the starting point.

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