Kesselkogel, by the eastern and western ferrata, from Rifugio Passo Principe

Catinaccio d'Antermoia / Kesselkogel

The Catinaccio d'Antermoia / Kesselkogel is the highest summit of the Group of Catinaccio / Rosengarten, although very slightly surpassing the 3000 meter elevation.

The opportunity to reach the summit is given by two ferrate, one on the west side and the other on the east side, which hikers often concatenate, using one for the ascent and another for descending (in this description the climb occurs on the west side, and the descent on the east side).

Given the location and elevation, the views from the summit are truly extraordinary, but also along the ferrata you can see many amazing panoramic views.

Author's Note: I thank my friend Paolo, and my friends Paolo and Sabrina, who on two separate occasions have shared with me this tour, and who appear in several photographs.


From the hut, climb the scree slope to the east, heading directly to the wall of the Catinaccio d'Antermoia / Kesselkogel. You quickly reach the initial ledge, that heads to the left:

Follow the path, which then turns right, climbing and entering into a gully, where you need to be cautious because of sand and gravel on the rocks:

At the end of this, a stretch of unprotected ledge must be traversed before reaching the actual starting point, where the cable begins:

Fron there, after a short traverse to the right, you go down a ladder, in a very exposed position:

Then you go up along a yellowish ledge, rightwards:

And then over rocks, along the right side of a gully, after which you continue going in the same direction for a stretch without cable. When you find the cable again, is to go to the left, for a good length:

You reach a point where you cross to the left, whitout cable:

Then you find the cable again, which turns further to the left, going up a gully, after which you descend briefly and then find another ledge that goes up to the left:

At the end of this, a cable leads you to climb a ramp to the right, to the end of which, with a short section to the left you reach the ridge. From there, you have to follow the unprotected summit ridge, at some points narrow and exposed, in order to reach the cross:

From the summit the view immediately embraces the surrounding places, such as Cima Catinaccio / Rosengartenspitze towards south, and the beautiful Lake Antermoia towards north-east:

But soon after the view widens, to reach mountain ranges and peaks that rise all around. The hiker who knows the surrounding places will recognize a real multitude of them.


You continue shortly along the ridge, south of the summit cross, until on the left you find the exit point of the eastern ferrata:

You use it to go down. The ferrata on this side is a bit longer than on the west side, but you will be able to follow it with no particular orientation difficulties. Some passages may require a little attention and courage to the less experienced hiker:

During the lower part of the descentthere are two ladders, which allow to overcome as many walls:

When you finally reach the end of the cable, there is to go up a slight difference in height, in order to reach the Passo Antermoia:

After reaching the pass, you take the path that crosses to the right and then drops steeply, often with stretches of snow, to return to the Rifugio Passo Principe.

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