by Via Normale, from Chalet Cima dell'Uomo

Cima dell'Uomo

Very rewarding hike, on a three thousand Dolomitic summit, located in an extremely favorable panoramic position.

Reserved to the hiker who does not fear a thousand meters of altitude raise, of which half of scree slopes, and climbing steps of grade I, sometimes exposed, this destination offers enchanting views of an almost endless array of groups and mountains, including the massif of Cima Bocche, the Lagorai Mountains, the Groups of Rosengarten and Sella, Marmolada, Civetta, the groups of Agnèr and Pale di San Martino.

The stretch of the route that takes place on a ledge on the south wall of the mountain is equipped in some places with pegs and cemented rings.

We recommend the use of a helmet in the upper part of the path, since people and animals often cause falling rocks.

Author's Note: I thank very much my friend Dario and my son Andrea, who have shared this hike with me, and who appear in several photographs.


From Passo San Pellegrino, take a secondary road with signs for Chalet Cima dell'Uomo. Having reached the chalet, parking is at the same or a little below, along the way.


Upstream of the chalet, take a grassy gully and go up it. Just to the left is a chair lift, normally out of service during the summer season:

So you reach the mountain station of the chairlift. Do not follow the direction of the next chairlift, but rather cross on a grassy mountainside, following tracks, always pointing at the base of the scree. You cross a stone field, and then another stretch of grass:

Then you reach the scree and start to go up it painstakingly. You will pass next to a large boulder located more or less halfway:

Continuing to climb, you reach a rocky outcrop at the base of the mountain, where white-red signs indicate to pass on the right:

Go up some more, following tracks and signs:

At a first fork, with an indication to the right for Sasso di Tasca and Passo delle Cirelle, turn left; at a second fork that would lead to the left to forcella dell'Uomo, turn right.

A clear indication shows the start of the ledge that crosses the south wall diagonally to the right:

You easily reach a clevis:

Later on you climb some steps with the help of pegs and cemented rings:

Continue this way until you reach the south-east ridge, through a clevis:

Proceed easily, following signs and tracks:

Soon you will reach the summit.


Same trail.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more suggestive descent: at the crossroads for the Sasso di Tasca, change direction, first going through a rudimentary bridge of axles:

Then walking down some steps on rocks equipped with cable, then up to a clevis and then immediately to the left (be careful to follow the white-red signs), crossing a narrow passage:

Go on, heading to the scree in front of you:

In order to reach it, you will have to deviate from the path, where it turns sharply left to climb on rocks. Follow the scree, which allows an enjoyable, fast and effortless descent:

In the lower part of the scree, bend to the right, going to rejoin the traces of ascent. The rest of the return takes place along the forward path.

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