from Gardolo

Pleasant hike, which demonstrates how Trento offers an immediate transition from city to nature. The route runs through some stretches of road, various stretches of cycle-pedestrian way, and long stretches of trail through woods and vineyards, passing through the villages of Gardolo di Mezzo and Martignano.


It is suggested, as a starting point, the large car park in Piazzale Neufahrn at the fraction of Gardolo:


Head east to the roundabout and then north until you reach the beginning of the Via Crucis, which gives access to a shaded path:

After the end of the Via Crucis, continue along the road until you reach Gardolo di Mezzo:

There, take the path to Cortesano, and follow it to a junction where you turn right. Then continue until you reach location Crosara del Mazzalai:

Continue on the road towards the village of Martignano, with a good view of the city and the Palòn:

Take Via Sabbionare, near the cemetery, turn right, and with a sharp decline reach the park of Melta, where you pass along Rio Malvasia, and take the pedestrian and cycle track:
This leads you to Via 4 Novembre, that brings you northward until you reach the roundabout of Gardolo, where, with a few steps, you reach the point of departure.

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