Austrian fort of XIX century

Altitude: 822 m
Forte Roncogno
It is located on a large terrace at the edge of the upper part of Cimirlo, between the southern base of the cliffs of Mount Celva and the village. Work began in 1879 and ended in 1881 (according to other sources in 1872). The main armament consisted of four 120mm guns in casemates.
It was called by the Austrians Batteries am Sattel von Roncogno. At the beginning of  war it was considered old-fashioned
by the Austrians. He was unarmed and the pieces moved into caves. Together with the overlying Fort Cimirlo, it followed the usual pattern of defense to protect the Valsugana.
(source: le fortificazioni del Trentino e dell'Alto Adige)

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