from Vigo Meano, location Le Gorghe


Lake Santa Colomba is a scenic lake located just under 1000 meters above sea level, surrounded by beautiful pine forests, where you can swim in the summer.

It can be reached by car, or by those who like walking through the woods, along trails from various directions. The trail proposed here departs from location Le Gorghe near Vigo Meano, on the hills of Trento.

It is a long walk, with very little elevation gain and never particularly steep climbs.


You reach the town of Vigo Meano, pass the square with the church, in the direction of Cortesano, until you find a paved road on the left that climbs steep and narrow, with an indication for Le Gorghe.

You take it and follow it, up to the large dirt yard at Le Gorghe, where you can park.


You follow the wide path that starts initially in an easterly direction, with directions. The trail has a few climbs worthy of note, never very steep:



Along the way you will encounter many crossroads, all well signposted. Several times you walk aside wide green clearings:


The trail continues, always large and comfortable:


Shortly before arriving, you ford a stream, either directly:


or more easily with a short detour to the left.

You cross a playground, and then you reach the west bank of the lake, where you also find the hotel of the same name:

Hotel Santa Colomba

A path allows you to go around the lake, on which shores are some reedbed


and which waters are inhabited by the typical lake wildlife:



Same trail.

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