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Lago di Tovel

Lake Tovel is a beautiful alpine lake, located in the northern foothills of the Dolomites of Brenta.  It is possible to walk around the lake, along a path which in the first half is wide and comfortable, while the second part, narrower and steeper, rises a few tens of meters above the rocky stretch of the south-eastern shore, offering some very picturesque views.


In the town of Tuenno you deviate from the SP73, following the signs to the lake, and so entering the Val di Tovel. You pay a toll in order to continue along the valley until you reach the parking area, at a short distance from the lake.


From the parking area, take the path of the lake, well marked, and you will reach in about ten minutes a bridge, under which flows the outlet of the lake:

From there, still following the signs, you go counter-clockwise, on a beautiful trail, wide and easy:

For all the way around the lake, it offers very enchanting views, in any season:

After completing about half of the tour, you continue on a narrower and steeper path, with staircases, walkways, bridges:

A cable can be of help to those who have the most uncertain step:

You thus overcome the most rocky part of the shore, enjoying views of the lake from a few tens of meters above the surface.

The last part of the route runs along the shore again, and without difficulty you can complete the tour.

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