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The valley

The valley lies to the west of the Adige Valley, at the confluence of river Noce in river Adige. It is bordered to the east by Monti Anauni, that separate it from Val d'Adige, to the west by the Brenta Dolomites, while to the north-west, where Val di Sole begins, the Maddalene chain; it also borders to the north on Val d'Ultimo and South Tyrol.
It consists of a large plateau, crossed by the river Noce and has 38 municipalities. Orographicly the valley bifurcates to "Y" at the height of Lake Santa Giustina and so the area is divided into the right bank (west of river Noce), left bank (east of the river) and "third side" (the area north of river Noce and the Rio Novella).

(source: wikipedia)

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