and Croce di Ceniga, from Ceniga

Monte Colt - Croce di Ceniga

Short hike near the village of Ceniga, which allows to reach the Cross of Ceniga, visible from the village, offering an exceptional panoramic view on the Valle del Sarca. In short you can also reach the top, of limestone eroded by karst phenomena. The path can be very slippery in case of recent rains.


Along the SS45bis, turn taking the road for Ceniga, where there is a parking lot:


From the car park, head towards the Roman bridge, cross it, turn right and then immediately left on an easy trail:

Follow it, making sure to turn right at a fork with a sign showing a circled 3:

Continue until you reach another fork at location Naroncolo, where you turn left, going up more steeply, sometimes on a steep and precipitous trail, with some small rocks:

You will first reach the Cross of Ceniga, from which you can admire a splendid panorama over the Valle del Sarca:

Keep going until you eventually reach the top of the mountain.


Same trail.

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