from Bosco, near Civezzano


Lovely walk in the nature, at short distance from Trento, crossing verdant forests without much altitude gain, leading to a picturesque hillside lake.

The path winds through much of the Protected Area Le Grave, a vast basin of glacial marsh surrounded by pine trees, where extensive areas of wet meadows and arid portions combine, each with its own characteristic plants.


From the town of Civezzano (TN), you follow the signs to Bosco, a hamlet, and drive up to it, where you find free parking spaces.


By following the clear indications, you take the road that turns almost immediately to the north:


Along a road that is never too steep, for a good initial stretch on asphalt but without traffic, you leave the village, into the woods.

You always follow the clear directions, and continue on dirt road:


You pass along a nice clearing:


You go on along a trail:


and then again on a dirt road:


So you finally reach the lake:



Along the forward path.

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Lake Santa Colomba
from Bosco, near Civezzano