on trail 324, from Erdemolo

The Rifugio Sette Selle can be reached from Lake Erdemolo, on path 324, that without gaining much altitude offers a walk of a couple of hours on a varied and pleasant trail, going up and down, with some scenic point on the valley below.


From Lake Erdemolo, take path 324 to the north-east. The path runs along the coast in several stretches, with frequent ups and downs (photo in the direction of Erdemolo):

At some point, a stream requires to be waded:

As you proceed along the route, the trail tends to change appearance, presenting sometimes nice traits in larch forests (photo in the direction of Erdemolo):

When you have covered most of the trail, you reach Località Intertol. Continue following the trail, and shortly after you walk in a nice green valley, crossed by a beautiful stream:

Cross the stream on a wooden bridge (photo in the direction of Erdemolo):

And continue to the junction before the shelter, and in a few steps you reach your destination:

Rifugio Sette Selle

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