Trekking TraversaMarche First stage


from Fabriano to Pierosara

in zona Rocchetta Alta

The first stage of the TraversaMarche trekking crosses a varied and charming territory, overcoming the natural obstacle constituted by the ridge of Monte Valmontagnana, which separates the Fabriano area from the Frasassi / Gola della Rossa area, passing along mountain slopes covered with verdant woods, fields, meadows and pastures.

You start from the beautiful town of Fabriano, which historic center is certainly worth a visit, and arrive in the enchanting village of Pierosara, perched in a panoramic position on a small hill.

In the first half of May, the air smells of acacia, elderberry, broom and laburnum, which flowers, among many others, are abundantly present along the way.

The route is essentially easy, if you follow the suggested path.

Two variants are also described, more direct and panoramic, but more demanding (in orange on the map): hereafter, one is referred to as the Valrapara variant, and the other as the Cagliostro variant. Both follow a more direct route, which goes over the mountain ridge, rather than trying to go around it. In this way the route is shortened, but in both cases the descent towards San Vittore is often notably steep, which is why they are only suitable for expert hikers. They are not recommended in case of wet ground, and to be completely avoided in case of rain.


From Piazza del Comune in Fabriano,

Piazza del Comune

you head south-east for 160 m, at first along the square itself, and then via Corso della Repubblica.

Then you turn left,

Bivio sinistra

and continue along Via Giambattista Miliani for another 160 m, reaching a crossroads where you keep right,

Bivio destra

and continue straight for another 170 m, along Via Enrico Toti and Piazzale Giacomo Matteotti.

Then you turn left,

Bivio sinistra

and walk along Via Aurelio Zonghi for 160 m.

Then you take Via Dante Alighieri on the right, heading north-east,

Bivio destra

and follow it for 980 m,

Via Dante Alighieri

and then turn left onto Via Bruno Buozzi:

Deviazione sinistra

You then travel for 320 m, including a roundabout, where you continue straight,

Rotonda dritto

in order to go around the sports field area on the right, and then turn right, continuing on Via Bruno Buozzi:

Bivio destra

You follow it for 600 m, in a north-east direction, going straight at the various crossroads,

Incrocio dritto

and at the roundabout you continue straight, for another 540 m, along Via Lamberto Corsi.

Then you turn slightly left, following the road signs for Moscano:

Bivio leggermente sinistra

From here you proceed along the road, following its curves, without ever deviating, for 3.2 km.

Along this stretch you cross a bridge,

poi bivio sinistra

you pass the crossroads for Case Lattanzi, you cross a series of two underpasses,


you enter the countryside north-east of Fabriano,

Verso Moscano

you pass the crossroads for the La Castellaia Resort,

Bivio per Resort la Castellaia

admiring the beautiful hilly landscapes,


until you reach a crossroads,

Bivio destra

where you keep right, following the road signs for Moscano.

You follow the road for another 620 m, thus reaching a sharp bend, where you continue straight on, leaving the road and taking path 147a:

Deviazione dritto
o tornante sinistra per varianti

Alternatively, if you want to take the Valrapara variant or the Cagliostro variant, you follow the bend on the left, continuing along the road.

You continue on an easy path for 460 m,

Sentiero 147a

but then you leave the most obvious route to turn right, taking a path that is initially not very visible:

Bivio a destra

You proceed for 1 km, keeping right at an intermediate crossroads, walking through a thick forest,

Verso il guado

until you reach and easily cross a stream, the Fosso Satrano:

Fosso Satrano

You continue on path 147a, on a well-defined track, in a southerly direction, for 450 m,

Sentiero 147a

then you find a crossroads, where you turn hard left:

Bivio tutto a sinistra

You walk in a north-northeast direction for 360 m, then with a double right turn you go south again:

Bivio destra

You continue following the path, with its curves, for another 860 m,

Sentiero 147a

up to a fork, where you keep left:

tenere la sinistra

About 200 m further on you come to a small asphalt road, at a sharp bend, and take the right branch, slightly downhill:

tenere la destra

From there you continue for 1.7 km on the road, mainly downhill,

Contrada Rocchetta

with beautiful views of Cerreto d'Esi:

verso Cerreto d'Esi

You then reach a crossroads, where you turn hard left,

Bivio tutto a sinistra

after which you continue for 1.2 km, on nearly flat terrain. You then arrive at a bend to the left, where you follow the dirt road, ignoring the small road that branches off to the left:

Curva a sinistra
seguire la strada

You continue for another 480 m, thus entering the small hamlet of Case Meloni (keep right at the fork preceding it):

Località Case Meloni

About 250 m further on, at a crossroads, you turn right,

tenere la destra

and continue for 670 m, on a wide path,

Verso San Cristoforo

but then you turn right, downhill (stone cairn):

Bivio destra

Shortly after the entrance, there is an indication:

Verso San Cristoforo

You proceed slightly downhill, for 1.1 km, while the track, always well visible, is at times thickly surrounded by vegetation:

Verso San Cristoforo

Thus you arrive in the hamlet of San Cristoforo, uninhabited:

San Cristoforo

You continue along the path, which now is wide again, turning hard left 80 m after the town, actually taking path 157:

Bivio tutto sinistra

You proceed for approximately 2.5 km; the path initially has four hairpin bends, then heads north,

Verso Valrapara

until you reach the hamlet of Valrapara, or Vallerapara (here converges the Valrapara variant):

bivio dritto, o a sinistra da variante Valrapara

You continue straight on for another 1 km, now on a paved road,

Verso San Vittore

until it merges into Via San Vittore, which you take on the left:

Confluenza sinistra

600 m further on, you come across the Gola di Frasassi road (where the Cagliostro variant merges a little further on),


you cross it, and go down the opposite side via a staircase:

San Vittore

In 180 m, after crossing the car park and skirting the Hotel delle Terme, you reach the center of San Vittore, where the abbey of the same name is located, which can be visited:

San Vittore Terme
bivio a destra
e a sinistra dopo il ponte

You turn right with respect to the direction of arrival, crossing the Medieval Tower

San Vittore

and the bridge over the Sentino River,

San Vittore

and then turn left:

Verso Pierosara

About 280 m from San Vittore, at a crossroads, you keep right. The path begins to climb sharply, presenting some sharp bends,

Verso Pierosara

and after 900 m, at a crossroads, yo turn right following the signs for Pierosara; from here on you walk almost on level ground, and you begin to see the village;

Verso Pierosara

you can reach it after another good 500 m, near the Da Maria restaurant:


You take either the left or right branch, and go up along the enchanting village,


and after another 280 m, following the signs, you reach the B&B Bivacco Frasassi,


B&B Bivacco Frasassi

where you will find the excellent welcome of Lorenzo, its owner.

Valrapara variant

The initial stretch of this variant is in common with the Cagliostro variant.

About 330 m after the sharp bend that precedes Moscano, you arrive at the houses of the hamlet, and turn hard right:

Bivio destra
poi sinistra

About 40 m later you turn left, and another 40 m later you arrive at the center of the town, where the church is located:

e bivio destra,
poi ancora a destra

You turn right uphill, skirting the church, and 60 m later right again, then follow the road with its two sharp bends for another 860 m,

Verso Regiano

with beautiful views towards Fabriano,

Panorama da Moscano

until you reach the hamlet of Regiano,

e bivio sinistra

where you turn left, taking path 147, uphill.

You go up, on a wide and steep path,

Sentiero 147

and after 860 m, at a crossroads, you go straight on,

Bivio dritto

after another 160 m you go straight ahead and immediately afterwards turn right,

Bivio dritto
e subito dopo a destra

and after another 260 m you continue straight ahead:

Bivio dritto
poi dritto

You proceed for another 750 m, thus reaching the saddle between Monte Rimosse, which is on the right, and Monte Valmontagnana, on the left:

Bivio leggermente sinistra
o tutto a sinistra per Monte Valmontagnana

From there it is possible to make a detour of 480 m, and 90 m of altitude difference, to Monte Valmontagnana, taking the track on grassy terrain, in a full northerly direction, uphill:

Verso Monte Valmontagnana

Monte di Valmontagnana

The panorama is very broad, and includes, towards the north-north-east, the town of Pierosara and the Gola della Rossa:

Panorama verso Pierosara
e la Gola della Rossa, da Monte Valmontagnana

Then you retrace your steps, to the saddle.

In a north-northeast direction, from the saddle, you take a slightly downhill track that descends obliquely for 240 m until it joins a dirt road, path 146a, in the Fontefredda area:

Bivio tutto a destra per Valrapara
o dritto per variante Cagliostro

Taking it on the left, you continue along the Cagliostro variant.

Instead, taking it on the right, you continue towards the Valrapara variant:

Verso Valrapara

After just over 1 km you deviate from the dirt road to take a small path on the left, downhill:

Deviazione sinistra

Less than 400 m further on, you turn hard left,

Bivio tutto a sinistra

and 600 m later you follow the sharp bend to the right:

Curva stretta a destra

From there you go down for almost 1.6 km; the slope is challenging, on rather smooth terrain,

Verso Valrapara

but then begins a stretch with a stony surface, more manageable,

Verso Valrapara

and after having passed the narrow passage of the Forra di Valle Stretta,

Forra di Valle Stretta

the path becomes gentler,

Verso Valrapara

and finally arrives in Valrapara, where you turn left and continue on the standard route:

Verso Valrapara

Cagliostro variant

From Moscano up to the saddle on the ridge, you proceed as indicated for the Valrapara Variant, but in Fontefredda, instead of turning right, you take a left, towards Casale Romei; after just over 1 km you reach a crossroads, little before the farmhouse:

Bivio destra

You turn right, following the trail downhill along the meadow, to the edge of the woods,

Sentiero Cagliostro

then, 390 m from the previous crossroads, there is another sign for San Vittore, path 146:

Bivio destra

The slope becomes increasingly steeper,

Sentiero Cagliostro

a stretch of a couple of meters is equipped with a piece of rope,

Sentiero Cagliostro

some points are slightly exposed,

Sentiero Cagliostro

but then the slope drops and the path becomes easy again:

Sentiero Cagliostro

Just over 1.5 km after the last crossroads, you reach the road, near San Vittore Terme, and here you join the standard route.

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