from Bruil, Val di Rhêmes


One of the finest alpine skiing treks in Val d'Aosta.


You reach the village of Bruil Rhemes Notre Dame via the valley of the same name, that goes up from Villeneuve, a village in the valley shortly after Aosta; you park near the Town Hall:

partenza frazione Bruil


A signpost with the words "Entrelor" leads to a narrow road that quickly passes through the village, past a stream, after which a pole gives you all the indications you need: follow the path n ° 2. You can't go wrong. Go up the path until you shortly get to the place "A pre Bois."

a Pre du Bois

After passing it, continue on the trail in the woods, quite steep:

nel bosc0

until you get to a fork, whith indications


Keep right, following the signs, and soon you get out of the woods, and reach a characteristic cross:


Here you can watch some fantastic scenery; behind you: the Granta Parei:

alle nostre spalle

In front of you, the way up:


The trail now goes on without climbing, and on your right you can see a pasture:


Now you climb up initially keeping to the right (left orographic side) of the valley:

salendo sulla destra

After crossing several ridges, the valley gets narrower, and you reach a gully:


after which the path to the top is clear:

itinerario superiore

which implies that you go left, to reach the wide saddle left of the secondary summit:

verso la meta

You reach the saddle that offers wide views of the valley and the Valle dell'Orco and Val Savaranche:


and from there you quickly reach the secondary summit of Entrelor.

In front of you, the Grivola and the Gran Paradiso


You go down to the saddle, and leaving the path forward, you go down to the wide valley in front of you:

vallone di discesa

which rejoins the forward path just above the pastures previously described.

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