from Punta Indren

grande discesa!

A nice 4000 of the Monte Rosa, relatively easy to reach (remember, however, that you proceed on a glacier) which allows you to enjoy wonderful views. For a skialper it may be the first 4000 to try!


Take the Gressoney Valley starting from Pont Saint Martin in Val d'Aosta until you reach Staffal, where the road ends and there are several cableways.

parcheggio Staffal, impianti


You take the cableway to Punta Indren (3275m)

arrivo funivia

In front of you, at the exit of the cable car, there is a rocky crag with two channels that allow to overcome it, or more easily you may lose altitude down in the adjiacent subsidence and pass on the left of the bastion along easy slopes (as in the attached track).   

itin per il Rif Mantova

This way you go up to Refuge Mantova.                                     

Rifugio Mantova

verso il rifugio Gniffetti

And from there you go towards the Refuge Gniffetti, well visible from Refuge Mantova

Rif Gniffetti

Without reaching it, you continue on the glacier to the Col de Lys, and then your goal is already clearly visible, although it seems inaccessible!

la nostra meta

itinerario dalla Gnifetti

but going further on, you reach a plateau, where the Balmenhorn is in front of you, and the destination in on your right

nei pressi della sella tra Balmenhorn e Piramide Vincent

la cima ormai vicina

The west side allows to easily reach the summit

 vetta affollata!

In front of you, you can see the Schwarzhorn, the Ludwigshöhe, and Punta Parrot

Corno Nero e Parrot di fronte a noi


Wonderful descent along the same route, or as in the map, during spring, with plenty of snow, you can ski down to the arrival of the intermediate station of the plants (Gabiet) not along the slopes that descend from Passo dei Salati but down in the valley near the Refuge Mantova, through the Canale dell'Aquila. This free ride path is widely used by those who use the ski plants, and easily recognizable.

Then you can have a deserved refreshment at the Gabiet!

impianti gabiet

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Piramide Vincent
from Punta Indren