Cima Coldai, and Rifugio Coldai, from Piani di Pezzè, by the trail of the gully

Lago Coldai

The Lake Coldai, and the refuge of the same name, are quite popular destinations, given the beauty of the area and the relative ease to reach them, especially along the path that goes via the Malga Pioda.

Much less popular, although more impressive, is the path 4, which last part is located in a gully, with stretches of easy rocks, nice view of Alleghe and beyond. Great for those who want to climb to the lake along an alternative route, although considered difficult by the inexperienced hiker.


If you use the cableway from Alleghe to the Piani di Pezzè, the parking is located in an area a few tens of meters from the station.


From Piani di Pezzè, take the path that heads south. You can either follow the dirt road, or the sign for the Refuge Tissi. In the first case, you arrive early to cross the ski slope, where you turn left, uphill.

In any case, care must be taken not to lose the fork, signposted sentiero n.4 per esperti:

The narrow and steep path climbs through meadows and woods:

Later, it tends more decisely to cross to the right:

Then it enters a gully:

You climb up the gully, with occasional passages of rocks that are not difficult, but can be annoying to the inexperienced hiker:

You continue climbing up along the gully:

Attention should be paid to white-red signs, since 15 minutes before reaching the lake, the trail turns left up some loose rocks, moving in a channel parallel to the original, with some stretch equipped with a cable, before reaching finally the lake:

For those who want to get on top of Cima Coldai, adding about 250 m in altitude, there is an easily identifiable trail that goes up, from near the lake.

The trail first climbs from the south, then around the mountain on the east side and finally on the north-east. Some passages of I degree towards the end allow you to reach this beautiful vantage point.

The view of the lake is truly magnificent:

But the 360-degree panorama is also very remarkable, including the Pale di San Martino, the Marmolada, the Sella group, and many other dolomitic groups. Standing in the foreground, to the north-east, the Pelmo:

You go back down to the lake along the same path.

From the lake the refuge can be easily and quickly be reached.


For the return, if you want to avoid going downhill along the trail of the gully, it is advisable to follow the classic route, witch descends to the Malga Pioda, and the returns to the Piani di Pezzè down a wide path, which actually follows the route of ski slopes.

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