Altitude: 1150 m

Chiesa di San Simon

The current plan of the church of San Simon, supposedly founded in 720 AD. C. has a single nave, is rectangular, and has a very deep apse. This reveals how over time the building has undergone many renovations and reconstructions, caused by changes in the economy, culture and taste: all of this in order to make the site more and more important and representative in the valley of Biois.

The morphology of the land has also strongly influenced the entire construction: the outcrop of a rocky bank allowed to place the church and bell tower in a privileged position compared to the rest of the village.

The assembly is simple, with large walls, completely without openings on the north side. It is therefore clearly suitable for fresco decoration.

Interno della Chiesa di San Simon

Inside you can see a mural cycle attributed to the Treviso painter Paris Bordon (1500-1571). It is inserted in a thick arched loggia, resting on a base with vertical stripes, yellow, red and green, edged in black, which are connected with the ceiling, the portal and the arch of the apse, by using simulated architectural elements.

It is supposed that the Bordon, a pupil of Titian, has also worked in other buildings in the area: in the churches of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian in Taibon Agordino of Sant'Aronne in Cusighe and St. Helena in Pialdier.

(source and photos: Chiara Bizzozero, Seveso, MI)

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