from Refuge Pirlo


Mount Spino, located in the hills of Lake Garda, is located on the watershed with Val Sabbia. To the south-east of Mount Spino runs the Ridge of the Marmere, which offers an interesting wall on the south side, on which you can find a number of climbing routes.

From Refuge Pirlo, you can reach it easily.


From the refuge, you take the path 9, with an indication for the Buco del Tedesco. The path initially goes mostly downhill:


down to an altitude of about 1060 m, with a short passage equipped with a metal cable. You pass by a niche:


From there the trail begins to go uphill. You reach and pass over the junction for the trail 4, you reach a little saddle, and then the Wall of the Marmere:


Detail of climbing routes

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