Punta Rossa, from Hotel Bergkristall

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The Rötenspitze or Punta Rossa, 2875 m, is part of the Texel Group in the Ötztal Alps. It offers an easy climb in a beautiful environment. Pay attention to the mountainsides in the first part of the ascent and until after the hut.


From Meran / Merano you drive along the Passeiertal up to Moos where, at a junction on the left, you take the Valley of Plan. A couple of kilometers before the village of the same name, on your left is the hotel Bergkristall. You can park there.

Hotel Bergkristall
and parking


Near the hotel, a forest road

Strada forestale

heads to the Valtmartal, or Valley of Valmala.

Indicazioni per la malga

You follow it alongside the river and in about half an hour you reach the Valtmar hut, 1682 m.


Now the valley opens up and you continue for a long stretch with modest slope keeping to the left. After passing a short steep section you go to the right until you reach a flat ground again.


Now you can see your destination, that was hidden in the first part of the path. You continue in the direction of the ridge to the right of the top and after reaching it, you climb up the steep final slope, crossing to the left.

Pendii sotto la vetta

On top you find a small wooden shelter that resembles a Lappish kota.



Along the ascent route. With safe snow conditions you can descend directly from the summit steep slope.

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