Passo Madriccio, from Solda

Passo Madriccio

When more than half a meter of snow falls in October, the "hot" ski-alpinist can not resist the temptation and goes... here is proposed an easy trek from Solda in Val Venosta which roughly follows the summer trail that leads to Val Martello.


At the valley station of the Solda cableway there is a large parking lot.


The trail begins at the parking lot of the cableway, at an altitude of 1925 m.

It winds gradually, following the cableway service road, but keeping mostly out of its view, in stunning surroundings in the presence of the Ortler, the Gran Zebrù, the Peak of Solda, and the Cedevale.

You proceed along the bottom of the valley, and gradually climbing:

You proceed along the trail and point towards the middle station of the cable way:

Here you follow the road along the valley to the right of the cables of the cableway; shortly after you come to a bridge that you cross:

You go up the valley to its end, then forcedly turn left, and the path becomes predominantly exposed to West-South-West.

In its final part the route intercepts the lifts, while remaining on the left bank to get in view of the pass at an altitude of 3123 m, which is located in the large, clearly identifiable saddle:

You go up following the ski slopes (be careful if the plants are open!) or to their right, along wide open slopes, in the direction of Hintere Schöntaufspitze / Punta Beltovo di dentro:

To the right of the summit is the route destination: Madritschjoch / Passo di Madriccio, which is reached after 3-4 hours from the departure.

The view is really rewarding: beautiful, for example, the view over the Val Martello:

From the pass, with a further 200 m of altitude gain, you can achieve the Hintere Schöntaufspitze / Punta Beltovo di dentro, at an altitude of 3325 m, along an easy trail.


Same trail.

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