Punta Quaira, from Wieserhof


This peak is located at an altitude of 2517 m in the Sarntaler Alps, in a truly privileged panoramic position, a real balcony from which you can admire countless mountains in all directions, including the Dolomites, of which you can encompass almost the entire range.

From the technical point of view this tour is not particularly difficult and is considered a pretty safe route even after a recent snowfall, although you must always evaluate on the spot.

As a way up, here is presented one of two possible alternatives, which is the most scenically beautiful, and a possible alternative for the return path. The latter, though, has a steep slope facing north, therefore it is to be choosen only under suitable conditions.

Author's Note: I thank my friend Roberto, who suggested this route to me, and who appears in several photos.


From Brixen / Bressanone, follow the signs for Schalders / Scalieres and Vahrn / Varna. You reach and exceed Schalders, getting to Wieserhof, where you park.


Right at the parking the path branches; you take the path 2, that goes up, going around the nearby building. The path goes through a forest of conifers, along a dirt road:


At a sharp bend to the right, you take the path that continues straight, and follow it:


This takes you to a mountain pasture, where the trail crosses a small wooden bridge and then climbs up, aside a couple of huts:


You go up on the meadows above the huts, in northern direction, thus reaching the Kaserhütt:


Then you traverse in east-south-east direction, until you reach the Bergerstall:


From there, the summit is already visible:


You go up to the north-east, towards the south ridge of the Karspitze:


Then you climb up the ridge, with some slight changes of slope, avoiding to proceed too near to the right side, due to the danger of snow cornices:


This way you reach the summit:


The view is spectacular: in particular, it embraces the Dolomites in all their extension, from the Cunturines to the Rosengarten and Latemar.



You can go down along the ascent route.

Alternatively, with stable snow, you can opt for an alternative descent: After having descended the ridge, instead of pointing to the Bergerstall, you go down towards the east, until, on the edge of the woods, you come across a signpost, at location Rothleite:


From there you can follow the signs to the left, following the path that runs along a wide curve before descending into the valley, or you can go straight down towards the north, in the woods:


heading towards the visible huts in the valley, one of which is the Zirmaitalm:


From the hut, you follow the path down to the valley. You reach two forks in succession. At that point you take a long forest road, and follow it:


Along this road, you walk around the base of the Alberkofel, heading first to the south-east, then to the south, and finally west. Shortly before Wieserhof, you reach a paved road:


and from there you soon reach the point of departure.

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