Cima di Stilves, from Maso Wiesl


The Zinseler, 2422 m, is located at the north-east end of Sarentine Alps, south of Sterzing.


From Sterzing you drive in the direction of Jaufenpass. At the height of Gasteig take the Valley of Giovo. You pass the village of Auβerthal, and before you get to Mitterthal, at a crossroads

Bivio per maso Wiesl

you take the road that goes left. Follow the road until it ends at the farm Wiesl, at an altitude of 1400 m approx. The possibility of parking is very limited.


From farm Wiesl

Maso Wiesl

you take the forest road

Strada forestale

that goes through the Gospeneider Tal (Valley of Caspineto). Signpost n°15, directions for Ochsenalm

Indicazioni per la Ochsenalm

You go up the valley until the vegetation ends, near the hut

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You continue now in open ground to move under the Gospenaid Jöchl (Pass of Caspineto) which can be reached by a steep but short ramp. From there, in the north-east direction, along the wide ridge,

In prossimità della vetta

you reach the summit.



Along the ascent path.

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