from the Obernbergtal, near Gasthof Waldesruh


Spring ascent to be done only under safe conditions. The initial channel, which has a constant slope of 35 degrees or more, for 6-700 meters in altitude, offers an exciting descent.

Exposure to the east and south requires starting very early.


From the Brenner Pass you drive on the Austrian side to Gries am Brenner. You turn left

Img2014-04-25-13-26-54 bivio paese

and go up through whole Obernbergtal to Gasthof Waldesruh where the road ends. Wide parking (toll).


After passing the ARTVA checkpoint, you follow the forest road (sled slope)

Inizio Checkpoint ARTVA

until you reach the Obernbergersee.

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You go on along the lakeside. Among the trees that lie on the shore, you can already see part of your itinerary.

Img2014-04-25-07-11-16 con percorso

Where the lake ends you turn right at a crossroads, then pass a few huts and soon arrive at the base of the channel. You climb the whole steep slope

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up to where the slope decreases (2350 m approx.). A small valley to the right leads to a steep ramp, immediately followed by another

Img2014-04-25-08-54-04 valletta

At its end you reach a saddle, 2720 m approx.

Forcella Eventuale deposito sci

From there, either on foot or on skis, depending on the conditions, you can reach in short the summit, on the right.



Along the path forward.

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