from Bondo


It is a challenging trip, which, if done in a day, requires a good training, but offers really great satisfactions, both for the wild environment in the presence of the Cengalo and the Badile, and for the spectacular skiing. It can be evaluated as BSA (good ski-alpinist) because you have to climb the crevasses of the Vadrec of the Bondasca. The attached track describes a one-day ascent, but if you want to break it in two days you can sleep at the hut Sciora, well visible and signposted.


You reach Bondo (CH) coming from Chiavenna (SO) in the direction of Passo Maloja. You park near the church where there is a clearing.



From the parking area a toll road departs (toll machine) that almost reaches the Alpe Laret. However, the road is cleared late in the season... so we have made the walk.

sbarra all'inizio

You can take a shortcut, avoiding a long traverse and a sharp turn, just after a peculiar building


by going to the left


to finally join back the dirt road

si rprende la strada

verso il Laret

All the necessary signposts are there

alpe Laret

so you get to the Alpe Laret

alpe Laret

You can already see in the distance a steep slope that you will have to go up

verso la meta

You are surrounded by awesome granite mountains

si risale il ghiacciaio

verso il sole

tra poco diventa visibile la meta

At last the destination appears

si ac

You go up between the Pizzo del Ferro Orientale and the Cima della Bondasca

verso la cima

roccette sommitali

Then, on easy rocks, you reach the top (careful, because there is room just for two)

ramponi necessari

in vetta


You go down along the glacier

pizzo badile

down to the Alpe di Laret and then further down to Bondo.

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