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The Julier Pass is a magic place for ski-alpinism, thanks to the many tours it offers; some, like the one presented here, often offer powdery snow that remains for a long time.


You reach the pass coming from Chiavenna (Italy) and passing through the Pass of Maloja in the direction of St. Moritz; once in Silvaplana you turn to the Julier Pass.

To climb the Piz Lagrev you leave your car along a straight road stretch just before the pass

julier pass


There is a clearing and wooden bridge in the direction of the valley to your left



After going up on an initial slope, you pass by the rocky cliff on the left

risalita del vallone

and then continuing to the right on bumps and dips you get to the terminal part

itinerario parte superiore

(there is a lake you can hardly spot, covered by snow). You climb the slope that leads to a saddle, to the left of which there is the top of the ski resort.

verso la sella

sulla sella

From there you follow a ridge, on skis or on foot, depending on the conditions, to reach the actual summit

cresta finale



From the top, you can enjoy awesome views

dalla cima

dalla cima2


Along the path forward.

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