tour around the lake


Beautiful and relaxing walk around a scenic lake with turquoise waters, located in a beautiful green valley at about 600 meters above sea level.


Driving along the SS241 from Riva del Garda, just a few kilometers away you reach the village of Tenno. About 1 km after the hamlet Ville del Monte, you can park for a fee.


Following the directions, you take the path down to the north-east:


which shortly leads to the lakeside.

Taking on the right, the trail proceeds comfortable and flat:


You soon reach the southern end of the lake, with beaches, boat hire and a small kiosk. You can enjoy a nice view of the lake and its little island:


You continue along the eastern shore:


In the vicinity of the north end, after a slight ascent, you descend on some stairs:


then you cross the tributary:


and go up on the opposite side:


Remaining close to the shore of the lake, you continue on the easy path, ignoring a crossroads:


and complete the tour.


You go back along the access trail.

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