from Riva del Garda

Nice hike that leads to a classic refuge on the slopes of Cima Rocchetta, perfect foothold for Ferrata dell'Amicizia. There is the possibility, continuing a little, to reach also the beautiful church of Santa Barbara, from where you have an exceptional view of northern Lago di Garda.


In Riva del Garda, the most convenient parking is Monte Oro (fee required). You can aloso park in the marked places marked in close proximity along the way.


From the car park head briefly towards the north until you find the trailhead, with directions.

You go up along a comfortable road among the green:

The climb, never steep, rises over the village, offering a larger and larger view of the landscape below.

You reach the bastion:

From the terrace you can admire Riva del Garda and the lake.

Return to the trail, which goes up a bit steeper:

Go past a fork, and then a second (branching paths 404 and 405). Later you cross a small bridge:

Not long after you raggiugne hut Santa Barbara:

Capanna Santa Barbara

It is worth walking a little more, to reach the Church of Santa Barbara:

From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the lake:


Same trail.

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