Italy Province of Trento Lake Garda Torbole Sentiero Busatte-Tempesta


from Parco delle Busatte

Walk with panoramic views on Lago di Garda. Some parts of the route are along metal staircases, well protected and safe for everyone.


Reach the village of Torbole and then follow the signs to the Busatte Park, where you find a the parking area:


Head towards the park and go through it, then down a short stretch near the Adventure Park:

Take the path named Busatte-Tempesta (indications), slightly uphill. Soon you will come to a close vantage point, over an area of big stones:

Continue, walking on a gentle gradient on the easy trail:

Some significant parts of the route are carried out on metal stairs, downhill:

The trail ends on a driveway that goes down again, with a few turns, and finally ends on the Eastern Gardesana.


You can go back along the same route, including the ascent of the stairs:

Or go a little north on the road, where you will find the bus stop in the direction of Torbole:

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