from Località Santel

Classic winter trail, easy and pleasant, though quite tiring. For the descent, you can take advantage of the ski slopes of Paganella.


Along the SP64, about 1 km upstream of Fai, at a ski lift at Location Santel, there is a large car park:


You start on the ski slope, leaving if after a few tens of meters, following an indication to the right along a path which goes into the woods with little slope:

The track usually followed by those who climb on skis or snowshoes deviates at some point to the left, going up somewhat steeper in the woods:

You go up, still in the woods, gaining more and more elevation:

When approaching an altitude of 1900 m, you exit the woods and soon you reach Località Selletta, where you find yourself on the ski slopes:

From there you can climb along the slopes, up to the summit.

If there is good visibility, the summi is a great vantage point. To the south the view reaches as far as Lago di Garda, to the west you can enjoy a wide view of the Brenta Dolomites:


From the top, going down the slopes, you go back to the starting point.

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