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Refuge Vincenzo Lancia

A solitary hike, wide-ranging around the Refuge Lancia, just north of the Pasubio, a place that has witnessed fierce and repeated fights during the First World War. The proposed tour does not pass on the hottest battle areas, but along the rear of the Austrian frontline.

It's length is rather challenging, not to speak of the altitude gain, which shall not be underestimated either. But it lets you enjoy wonderful moments of peace and serenity due to the scarce frequentation, the beauty of the area, and the sweetness of the slopes, in the peace of a nature that is dormant in the winter cold.

The route is more suitable for snowshoes rather than skis, because there are various ups and downs and flat sections or slight slopes. On the ridge, crampons may be useful, depending on snow conditions.


From Rovereto take the right bank of the Vallarsa and continue along this road until you find the indications to the refuge Lancia. Follow the signs, up to the small town of Giazzera and just beyond, where there are two parking lots.


Although there are some alternatives, it is advisable to follow the dirt road (possibly cutting off a few bends by following path 101), and the signs for the refuge Lancia. Shortly after the car park you come across a fork in the road (which leads to the Col Santo, another route shown on trekking-etc), and continue to the right along the forest, up to the hut.

From the hut, or alternatively from the nearby Malga Pozze, turn right (south-west) and cross the whole basin (various ups and downs) that opens behind the shelter, continuing in the direction of Bocchetta delle Corde.

Avvicinamento al Roite

From there, turn left (south) and follow the ridge that gradually narrows, usually easy (watch out for ledges), that leads to the top of Mount Roite.

Cresta verso il Roite

From there you can admire the group of Carega, with its beautiful Vaii, the group Pasubio, the Col Santo and Mount Baldo. The view also extends north to encompass almost all of the major peaks of Trentino, and further away South Tyrol.


For the descent you may want to continue along the ridge that descends towards the north-east, to the Saddle Campaniluzzi (there are several private bivouacs), avoiding the one that goes to the Pasubio.

Cresta verso il Pasubio

In this way you will get to the bottom of the valley, from where you can easily return to Malga Pozze and Refuge Vincenzo Lancia, along the dirt road.

From the shelter, you can go back along the ascent route, or (as in the attached track) take the path that leads to Alpe Alba (starting just behind the hut, near the chapel). You go up along the path, that has a section equipped with a cable, and then continue in a beautiful grove flat, until you come out in the beautiful meadows of Alpe Alba.

From there you can see the track that goes up to the Col Santo.

Traccia di salita al Col Santo

You head north-west until you reach the Bait del Marisa and the meadows of Pazul and then off to the glades and thickets up to rejoin the ascent route at the crossroads near the start.

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