Altitude: 575 m

The first written documentation, dated 1205, regarding the settlement, can be found in the bishop's archive, which mentions ville Sardagne, although thanks to a fortuitous discovery in 1867 of some tombstones and statues dedicated to the cult of the Roman god Mithras (Persian origin), it is assumed that the area of ​​Sardagna had already been occupied during the Roman era, at least as a sacred place. Above this area, corresponding to the present cemetery in the twelfth century AD was built the oldest church in the area, then enlarged at the end of the fifteenth century.
The town became larger and larger over time and, in 1742, the new church was erected in the center of the country to act as the main church dedicated to SS. Philip and James. At that time there were 750 inhabitants. In 1926, by Royal Decree, the City of Sardagna (along with 10 other neighboring towns) was absorbed by the city of Trento.

(source: wikipedia)

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