from Parking San Lorenzo

A hike not far from the city center, which leads to the village of Sardagna, and to the viewpoint on the border of the nearby cliff, with a spectacular view of the city.


You should leave your car at the San Lorenzo parking area.


Take in the direction of Ponte San Lorenzo, from which you see the Church of St. Apollinare and the Doss Trento, a hill just above it:

Then you cross Piedicastello and you reach Piazza Divisioni Alpine, where you take the road that goes to the left, until you reach Ca' dei Gai:

which owes its name to the presence of frescoes depicting roosters.
Shortly after begins trail 645 to Sardagna. You pass by the church of St. Anthony:

and soon you crossthe road to Monte Bondone. Follow it for about 150 m, then take the trail again; you will find shortly after a crucifix:

Continue and finally reach the village, and the road that passes through it, near a small church.
Go up the street to the Convention Center Panorama:

From the edge of the square you can admire a breathtaking panorama of the city:


A few steps away from the Convention Center is the upper station of the cable car, thanks to which in a few minutes you come back to the city, very near the starting point.

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