from the Val di San Nicolò

catinaccio e roda di vael

A classic skialp route in Val di Fassa, in fact a real must, which leads to a beautiful balcony in the Dolomites.

It is evaluated MS, the average skier; however, there is a section in the woods, a bit steep, and therefore the ability to ski down in the woods is required, but the tour is so beautiful that you can possibly go down the short stretch on foot.


You reach Pozza di Fassa and you get on the road to Val San Nicolò. You will wonder how the hell you can get to the top of the mountain in front of you, on skis!

impossibile arrivarci

You reach Restaurant Soldanella (1415 m) where there is a wide parking area.



On the right, next to the cash ticket for the shuttle bus of the valley, there is a road always maintained by the snow-cats, that leads to Baita Monzoni and Malga Munciogn.


You go through it

incrocio pista

in a splendid environment, reaching Malga Crocefisso,


following trail 603, ignoring several detours with indications, surrounded by a forest of conifers.


parte iniziale


Bivio 2

You reach Rifugio Monzoni first, then Malga Munciogn

rifugio Monzoni


you go through the plain keeping on the right

pianoro successivo

until you come to a crucifix and a signpost indicating the path to the Refuge Vallaccia, that you take.

Bivio 3

You climb more steeply through the woods until its end with wide views of the Valley of Monzoni that now opens.

il bosco dirada

il bosco dirada2

In front of us there is Cima Vallaccia, while our goal, located more to the right, is not yet visible.

itinerario parte superiore

After passing the Refuge Vallaccia, you reach the mountainside of Cima Vallaccia

rifugio Vallaccia

carefully assessing, in this section, the snowpack. The attached track shows that we have gone to the left without passing by the refuge, to avoid the south-facing slopes

Cima Vallaccia

Finally, to your right is the relief end that leads to the top,

la pala che conduce alla vetta


you climb it up, and after passing some secondary summits

sulle antecime

you finally get to the summit.


Your sight can encompass almost al the Dolomites!

parete sud marmolada

Sella e Pordoi


You go down the same path forward; you can avoid some ups and downs, by descending along the ski slope that the path intercepts near Malga Crocifisso.

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