tour around the lake

Lago di Terlago

This small but charming lake, located in a sweet green valley, is ideal for a quiet and pleasant walk. A path runs along both the northern basin, which is the goal of many swimmers in the summer, and the southern basin, visited by a good number of fishermen.

The trail has no significant gradients, and a bridge that crosses the channel between the two basins can possibly shorten the tour.

Here is described the clockwise tour.


From the village of Terlago, follow the signs to the lake. A parking area is available at the south-west side of the northern basin.


Right from the car park, you can directly access the western beach of the lake:

To walk around the lake, take the path to the north:

At first the trail runs a bit high above the shore:

Then goes along it, more closely:

Along the east coast is the second beach of a certain size. You can continue, thus returning towards the starting point:

By crossing the bridge you can return to the parking lot. But if you continue south, you will reach the southern basin of the lake:

Along the biotope of the southern shore, a footbridge crosses the marshy environment that characterizes this part of the landscape:

Then you go along the western side of the basin:

By going on further, you return to the starting point.

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