from Località Frotten

Nice hike, quite popular, which comes to a scenic mountain lake, covering a height of about 500 m.
The route can be traveled in summer, or with snowshoes, even in winter:


To get to the starting point, reach Palù del Fersina, Val dei Mocheni, going up the SP8.
Palù del Fersina
Then take the road that goes to Località Frotten, until you reach a large car parking area:


Always follows path 325. In the beginning it goes up not so steep, crosses a small bridge, then a bridge:

then another small bridge. The the trail turns right, more steep, and then turns left near a private hut:

From here, the trail goes up among meadows and woods, sometimes steep, until it reaches the lake:

in the immediate vicinity is the refuge:
Rifugio Erdemolo
From the lake you can climb, continuing along path 325, to the Forcella del Lago and Pizzo Alto, a peak at an altitude of 2264 m.
Going up you can see the lake and refuge from above:

It is also possible, by following path 324, or at a higher altitude, by path 343, to reach Rifugio Sette Selle.


Same trail.

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