via the Vallone del Chisonetto, from Borgata Sestriere


Mount Banchetta (2823 m) is one of the Sestriere ski areas, with lifts and slopes, mainly exposed to the north.

It is possible to reach this peak without passing along lifts or slopes, although they will inevitably be visible from the top.


You reach Sestriere Borgata (1800 m) turning left from the main road that leads to Sestriere; you can park near the ski lifts.

partenza impianti di Borgata Sestriere


From the parking lot you go to the service track at the beginning of the valley of the Chisonetto and follow it along the river, keeping to the left:

lungo il Chisonetto

To your left there is the mountainside of Mount Banchetta, while in front of you appears the Punta Rognosa.

itinerario  intermedio

You proceed progressing on the left side (right bank) of the valley, along a sparse wood until its end. Your goal is now clearly visible and implies a sharp turn to the left towards the west-south-west, completely out of the woods.

vallone di sinistra

verso la vetta

You proceed on wide slopes, always with your goal clearly visible

spalla finale

until you reach the summit (with a small cross), just above the ski-plants.

You can enjoy magnificent 360 degree panoramas.



You can go down along the ski-slopes or via the path forward.

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