Mountain bike


from Passo Vezzena to Campolongo


Varied and interesting tour on the Plateau of Vezzena.

The path follows the cross-country ski tracks of the Vezzena-Campolongo resort and stretches from Passo Vezzena to the mountainside of Mount Verena, crossing territories of the First World War.

None of the huts along the trail offers refreshment. However, mid-term, extending the route a couple of miles, you can reach the refuge Campolongo, generally always open.

The first part of the track is in the Trentino region; most of the route takes place, however, in the province of Vicenza.

For those who would not go through the whole track, the route can be shortened, by taking a detour to Malga Mandriele.


The starting point of the tour is located along the road that from Vezzena leads to the cross-country sky center of Millegrobbe.

To the left of the road, about 300 meters after the pass, in the vicinity of a curve to the right, you find a dirt road that is the start of the itinerary. At this point it is possible to park your car.

inizio itinerario

The Vezzena Pass is located along the SS 349 which leads to Lavarone Asiago.
Coming from Trento, the most direct access is via the scenic road of Menador or Kaiserjägerweg, from Lochere.


The trail begins with a gentle descent to the east.

prima parte dell'itinerario sullo sfondo il Verena

After about 1 km, the path starts to climb without excessive slope until reaching a pass, close to Malga Costesin, located on the right of the path.

Malga Costesin
and diversion to the woods

At the pass you need to leave the dirt road and take the obvious grassy track on the left that initially presents a sharp change of slope.

primo bivio deviazione per il bosco

You folow the trail and enter the woods.


At this point the route continues in an easterly direction with a moderate slope until you get to the clearing near Malga Mandriele.

la radura fuori dal bosco nei pressi di malga Mandriele

Shortly after, from the forest road you enter a paved road, closed to traffic. Do not turn right towards the hut, but go rather along the paved road in the opposite direction (towards Campolongo).

Short return: if you want to reduce the length of the route, you may turn right, pass beside Malga Mandriele, take the nice downhill trail in the direction of the Campo Rosà, rejoining halfway down the return path.

Continuing instead in the direction of Campolongo, about 1 km before the refuge of the same name, take the detour to the right to Malga Trugole. This forest road, with a net change of direction, starts to go down, pointing to the west, first lightly then more firmly.


After a flat stretch, past Malga Trugole, the trail starts to descend more strongly until, after a sharp curve to the left, it rises on a grassy ground and steeper slope, until you reach Malga Posellaro.

nei pressi di malga Posellaro

From there the road continues on stony ground with a less steep climb up to rejoin after about 1 km to the road that goes down from the alp Mandriele. At the fork, take the paved road downhill until, arrived at camp Rosà and namesake mountain hut,

campo Rosà sullo sfondo malga Camporosà

the ground gets stony again and starts to climb, more easily in the direction of Passo Vezzena.

After passing beside a cross placed where there was a war cemetery

crocefisso presso ex cimitero militare italiano

and then beside the memorial stone of the young captain Fabio Fiore, who died there, 

cippo commemorativo Cap. di artiglieria Furio Franco

You rejoin the trail forward.

ritorno al primo bivio

From there you just go back to the starting point.

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