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The author wishes to thank first of all his friend and traveling companion Fulvio (on instagram: @fulvio_un_pellegrino ), who has participated to all of the stages.

Not only for his pleasant company, but also, as an expert trekker, for his advice, that has often been fundamental and always appreciated, and has significantly contributed to giving the tour its final shape.


Thanks also to other friends who have given useful suggestions.


A heartfelt appreciation to Cammini d'Italia, the Italian reference community for trekking. We are extremely pleased that among the many beautiful paths documented on their excellent site, you can also find the Great Tour of Garda.

Thanks to the newspaper L'Adige, who have dedicated a nice article to this tour in the June 7, 2020 issue.

Thanks to the Gruppo Poli, a supermarket chain, who have published an nice article in the September edition of their BuonaIdea magazine.


A sincere thanks goes to the openstreetmap community, whose cartographic data have served as a useful complement to traditional cartography. The trekking-etc/viewer app off-line maps, by the way, are obtained from that source.

Brands and products

Whoever will read and use the tour documentation made available by trekking-etc will not fail to notice, in many photographs, the brand of clothing, shoes and accessories used by the author and his travel companion.

The author considers it very important to clarify that the initiative of the Great Tour of Garda, and more generally all the trekking-etc activity, is NOT sponsored in any way by the aforementioned brands, and that the use of that specific clothing and material shall NOT be interpreted as a sign of preference over other brands or products.

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