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Monte Castello di Gaino offers a panoramic position on Lago di Garda. On its south ridge of beautiful limestone, runs a beautiful ascent, not so difficult, but quite long, on a rock of excellent quality.


Along the West Gardesana road, at Toscolano, turn following the indication towards the town of Gaino. Reach the town and drive beyond, until you come to a clearing where you can leave the car:


From here continue on foot; when you reach a sign for the climbing wall, turn left:

You will soon reach the climbing wall, in which central sector you can find the start of the climbing route:

Climbing route

Climb up the chimney, and then go slightly to the right, along a corner.
The climb continues for about 700 m of length, following the easiest line of the ridge.

In many places you can, alternatively, either climb or trail.
You reach a first buttress, then a smaller one, and continue until you reach a secondary sumit, from where you can see the main summit, in the north-west

From here you continue along the trail, sometimes exposed, with short stretches of climbing, until you reach the top:


Take the path that heads north, sometimes equipped with cables, until you reach a saddle, with an indication to the top, from where you came from:

Go to the right, taking a path that descends mostly obliquely along the east side of the mountain, before finally reaching the junction for the climbing wall, until you finally reach the starting point.

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