from Montevaccino

Pleasant hike, on a small but interesting and scenic mountain. The itinerary departing from Montevaccino is proposed here, probably the most direct route to the top.


Near the church of Montevaccino you can find parking San Leonardo, while parking Loch is located little over the town:


From the parking, take and follow path 430. The first significant step is the site where once stood Forte Casara, of which only the ruins remain now:

Continuing along path 430, with indications for Monte Calisio, you reach a fork, which gives access, on the right, to a path:

The trail climbs steeply, passing by a clearing, named Prà del Dorigat:

You continue on, until you reach Località Stoi.
There, take path 401, which passes next to some caves, climb up a short and easy stretch of rope, and soon you get to the indication of the top, and then to the summit cross:


Back on the same trail.

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Monte Calisio
from Montevaccino