from Rifugio Campel

Pleasant hike, on a small but interesting and scenic mountain. It is proposed here starting from Rifugio Campel.


From the town of Villamontagna, reach Rifugio Campel:
Rifugio Campel
Not far from there you can park tour car.


From the parking, take and follow the path 421, then 403. It passes near the Calcara di Campel (short detour on path 403a), a facility for the production of building lime, well preserved:

Take path 403 again and continue, first going up and then going through a slight depression, called Sella di Val Mistai. Then the path starts to climb up to reach the top:

Here you can enjoy a good view in different directions; it is possible to observe, among others, Monte Celva, the Marzola and the Vigolana Group:

On the summit plateau are some ruins of the Great War.


You can go back by the same route.
Alternatively, take the path 401 on the northwest side, and soon you descend a short and easy equipped trail stretch:

then you pass close to some caves:

At Località Stoi, turn left and follow path 401, down to fork of Quattro Strade, where you turn left and quickly reach Rifugio Calisio:
Ex Rifugio Calisio
Continuing on, you pass by Località Muraion first, then by Località Carbonaia. You can make a short detour to the Jubilee Cross:

Taking the return path, you pass by the Calcara and soon find yourself back at the starting point.

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