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by Via Normale, from Passo Sella

On the Towers of Sella there are numerous climbing routes of all difficulties, and of varying length. Favored by the proximity to the underlying Passo Sella, and the quality of the rock, they are a favorite destination for many of the climbers who tour these places.

The normal route to the First Tower is very easy, but it deserves to be described anyway, both as a stand-alone way, which reaches a good viewpoint, and as a descent route for all other climbing routes that converge at its summit.


You can find a parking area near Passo Sella.


From the pass, take the path 649 that goes to the north-east:

You follow it, gradually approaching the southeast side of the towers:

You pass an easy stretch equipped with a cable, and a little further you reach the base of the wall where the starting points of the route are located:

You deviate from the path to the left to reach the wall. The possible starting points are two: one on the left, at the base of a visible ramp, located just to the right of a wooden plate affixed to the wall:

One on the right, at a short dihedral with slab, some ten meters away:


Go up the ramp from the left starting point, or the dihedral from the right one, go ahead on easy rock and traces, up to the confluence. In both cases there is some meter of grade III, for the rest just trail and rocks of grade II.

You continue along the trail and rocks of grade II:

Until you reach a fork, marked with a cairn:

Turn left, and shortly after you cross under some overhangs, thus arriving in view of the clevis between the first and the second tower:

In a few steps you reach the clevis, and from this, without difficulty, you quickly arrive at the summit.

The main views are on the Marmolada, the Rosengarten / Rosengarten and the Langofelgruppe / Sassolungo:

While at the northeast your gaze meets the wall of the second tower.


Same trail.

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