from Legro to Omegna

Chiesa di San Rocco

This itinerary is part of the route called Anello Azzurro, within the Girolago project. The track is signposted and marked.


From the Orta - Miasino railway station we take via Vecchia Stazione and continue to the left in the direction of Miasino: after the intersection we turn right following the signs for "Passeggiata" along via Vecchia Miasino.

The road climbs rapidly and after a few turns it becomes a path that will quickly take us to join the paved road that goes up to Miasino. At the end of the dirt road, near the gate of a villa, we turn left and reach Villa Nigra turning left into via Solaroli. We skirt the enclosure wall of the villa and turn left again into via Borsattino passing under a vault.

Villa Nigra

We continue first on asphalt and then downhill on a dirt road until we reach on our right a stairway that descends into the woods. We go down from this staircase and go up again near the Circolo di Carcegna in Via alle Scuole. We pass next to the parish church of S. Pietro

Chiesa di San Pietro

and head along via Roma and then follow the uphill road that leads us to the last houses of Carcegna.

We continue past Cascina Vergiate on our right and then descend along a few bends on dirt road, soon reaching the Novara - Domodossola railway line. We skirt the railway and reach the picnic area "Paganetto " of Pettenasco. We turn to the left and pass the bridge: near the railway viaduct we turn to the right uphill along the steep Via Prea Grossa: after a clobbed part, the road returns to being asphalted but remains very steep.

We continue until we come out near the oratory of the Madonna della Neve in the Pratolungo area.


Now we turn left following via dei Castagni, at the stop sign on the left and then immediately on the right, after the Osteria Madonna della Neve, going up along via Regione Barro. We go up towards Monte Crabbia: at the crossroads we keep to the left and pass next to the aqueduct tank.

We continue in the wood going down to the left towards the village of Crabbia in via ai Monti: we turn right into via per Omegna and continue on a dirt road and then into the woods. The path runs halfway up the Novara-Domodossola railway: on our left we can admire the landscape of Lake Orta.

We pass numerous brooks and follow the blue ring in the woods until, after a short descent, we reach the village of Borca and the church of San Gottardo. We keep to the left, we pass under a vault and we continue along via Borca until the stop sign. Here we cross the road and walk slightly uphill, passing under the viaduct and continuing until we see Omegna station on our left.

We continue straight ahead until the end of Via Pacinotti near the level crossing: here we have to turn right and follow it until we reach the bar-circle on the left. We take Via Isonzo to the left to reach the arrival point of our stage, the Omegna Forum.


The return to the starting point of Legro can take place by train from Omegna to Orta through the Novara-Domodossola railway, or during the summer season using a navigation boat on Lake Orta (check timetables and availability on ).

San Giulio and the dragons

Tradition has it that in the fourth century, San Giulio decided to build a church on the small island in the middle of the lake. But this island was infested with dragons and snakes and Giulio didn't find a boatman willing to ferry him.

He then decided to spread his cloak over the water and thus sailing he reached the island where he drove out the horrible beings. Today the body of San Giulio rests in the urn dating back to 1698, placed inside a crypt below the main altar of the basilica.

San Giulio
caccia il drago

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